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Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

A day dedicated to celebrating Love – I dont find it cheesy, I dont find it commercial, I dont think it should elicit eyerolls. It should be celebrated by anyone and everyone who has experienced love in their life. Love for a partner, love for your family, love for the friends and above all, love for life. ok that line was a bit cheesy but hey if you are single like me, I think theres no better time than Valentines Day in the beginning on this new decade to celebrate Love as a whole.

First things first: No Sulking! No feeling sorry for yourself that you are not part of a traditional fairy tale with a prince & princess riding off to a $500 Valentine’s Day dinner followed by something from Tiffany’s (or Gucci). Lets focus on what we have versus what we dont. So as single women we have the opportunity to make plans, change plans and craft better plans without having to check anyone else’s schedule. Ask yourself – What would make me happy today?

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Let me start with answering that: My perfect day to celebrate V day would be a good balance of time treating myself along with little time with someone I love, admire, trust or perhaps even just like. For the purposes of this literary fantasy, Im going to pretend that the 14th falls on a day that you are not obliged to deal with your boss. Id start the day with sleeping in. Is there anything harsher than a alarm buzz on a lovely day?

After a leisurely wakeup time, I’d get ready in my comfiest outfit that is still acceptable to be seen outdoors in & head to my favorite coffee shop. Order something that Ive always wondered about on the menu but havent tried yet (Pistachio Latte anyone?) and order that along with something buttery and chocolately (May I suggest a Chocolate Croissant). Tip generously and take the drink & pastry to a table with a full view of all people. Take in the sights, sounds of relationships around. Some we might envy- & thats ok to do; some that might spark curiosity and some would be unremarkable. There would be happy faces, anxious eyes, unrestful hands – seeing all this makes you adjust your own needs in relation to the bigger picture.

The next is my fav absolute fav part – visit to a spa. Book a facial, a massage, a back scrub – heck even a session of ear candling. A gentle human touch in a space filled with the scent of lavender & flickering candle light is heaven for me.

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With a body refreshed, I would meet a fun person to hang out for a few hours with. It can be your mom, your sister (or both together), your best friend (or the second best friend), an aunt or even an admired old teacher. Whatever you do, dont ring up that ex-bf whos been wanting to see you, because he misses your face. #JustSayNo. Pick a place without loud music or hoards of tourists. Sit & talk – not about people, but about ideas and experiences and ambitions and Love. Tell yourself gently to not steer away from positive feelings. Dont bring up regrets or go to the land of What-Ifs. If your wallet allows it, pick up the check – theres nothing like the feeling of treating the people you love.

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A late afternoon would be a great time to visit something I have been putting off – the new exhibit at the Museum or the antique store that I always pass by on the way out of town. I would recommend to do something unexpected, invite your lunch companion along or someone else who might be interested. Take a couple of hours and immerse yourself with the newness around you – be curious, ask questions even if they sound dumb. Take pictures of what holds your attention. Trust me, those pictures would bring back a smile, a year, 10 years down the line.

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at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Feeling of tiredness is a good sign – it repels boredom. Now would be the time to take yourself home. I would stop at a drugstore to grab some Ben & Jerrys. Plop on your bed, ignore the mess. Turn on your Netflix & type in the words ‘The Office’ or whatever your equivalent of that is.

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Nothing better than watching an episode (or 6) of The office