Hello! Finally…

Hello?/ Hi /Hola /Salam /Namastay

Ive been wanting to start a style blog for… oh well about 2 years now. Tons of excuses followed whenever anyone inquired about it : No time / Ill do it next weekend / I cant figure it out …all Lame. All my fault. So finally Im sitting down and just doing it.

So a little about me, and WHY you should be following me. (Oh Please do ! ) . I’ve been obsessed with fashion and beauty and anything pretty basically for as long as I can remember. Starting with my first frosty pink lipcolor that my mom bought for me for a mere Rs.22 ( Thats around 22 cents ) back when we were in Lahore, Pakistan. Although its been years and years since then, but that love of color and beauty and stayed with me, and traveled with me across continents.

If you are wondering about the name “Brown Girl Styles” – I chose it purposely because even though Ive been part of the Western World for quite some time now, at heart I am, and always will be a DESI girl ! -Brown Girl is a universal play on that.

So as I begin my Style Blogging Journey, Im hoping to meet lots of beautiful souls who love this fantasy world as much as I do. Lets Connect. Say Hey!

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