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MAC concealers for the Desi Chicks!

Why o why do we have to deal with Dark undereye circles? Well if you’re brown like me, its genetics. Cant fight nature, so the next best thing to do is to deal with it, and by dealing with it, I mean CONCEAL it !

I was working as a professional makeup Artist for over 8 years, and thats where I witnessed?the power of the right concealer. The ones that I have used for the last 2 years EVERYDAY is :

  1. MAC Concealer Palette is Medium


MAC Concealer Palette Medium Usuage
MAC Concealer Palette Medium Usuage

2. MAC Pro longwear Concealer in NC20



Mac Pro longwear Concealr NC20

Together these two can create MAGIC ! I know its a bit of work, but I recommend both of them layered. The Palette has a creamier more hydrating quality, so even if you dont use under-eye cream ( OH please say you do ), you can use that to hydrate the skin. The Pro long wear comes next to give that coverage and just SEAL everything in its place!

Ofcourse use a little bit of translucent powder at the end to give it that iron-clad , not-moving-at-all quality. In concealers its a MUST !

The color for the Palette in Medium is really good for almost all Desi complexions, unless you’re really fair or really dark. Then MAC ofcourse offers other color range too. The pro-longwear in NC20 works really well for almost 75% of desi complexions too. Trust me, Ive had that in my MUA kit for a long time, and thats what needed to get replaced the soonest.

With these two magic concealers in your hand, say bye bye to the undereye darkness.


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