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Gimme some Vitamin C !

Kaffe Vitamin C concentrated Serum

Who knew that Coffee could give you great skin ! But thats exactly the philosophy behind the creators of Kaffe Products, who after a trip to Hawaii and visiting the farms of Kona Beans ( Coffee Arabica) decided to use the essence of this in a new skincare line. The Kona Beans have a quality that rejuvenates skin cells and keep the signs of aging at bay. However for me, I’ve been a huge fan of Vitamin C serum because thats the best defense as well against the brown sunspots that us South Asian?people always have to deal with.

kaffe Vitamin C concentrated Serum

During Summer times, I make sure that I have Vitamin C serum applied underneath my makeup. It actually has hydrating qualities that plumps up the skin and makes the foundation go on super smooth.

Another thing that I have an issue with is how it reacts with my makeup as the day progresses and I have been honestly amazed how this Kaffe Vitamin C concentrated serum actually makes my makeup foundation lasts all day without shifting or getting too oily. Now thats a whole lot of qualities in one bottle aint it?

Go try yours at Kaffe Cosmetics

Heres the link to the product : Click Me

Kaffe Vitamin C concentrated Serum



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