Social Media in HD



Like anyone between the ages of 8 and 68, we are all obsessed with our smart phones. Why wouldnt be? they act as our little black book of secrets, we do anything from randomly calling our mom to ask for her Egg Salad recipe to googling “how to boil an egg” for that egg salad recipe that we just got. Our phones act as our radio, our bankers and well as our inherent link to the outside world. Apps like Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook are a part of our lives from the moment we wake up to when we close our eyes. Its only fair that we protect this tech baby that apart from being our personal assistant is increasingly as expensive as one!

Since I fully admit to being the clumsiest girl on the Northern Hemisphere, I have had my fair share of mishaps with my phone. Screen shattered on the concrete, Screen scratched by a random hairpin while in my bag…you name it I have put my poor phone through that. However since its getting increasingly difficult to function even a few hours without my phone. I have invested in the BEST Screen protector out there : The IntelliGlassHD from IntelliArmour. Its Exceptionally Strong, and its Oleophobic coating helps with the Easy Installation and no fingerprints! This one time investment has given me (somewhat) of a peace of mind that my lil tech baby is in some smart protection.