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DIY Minty Pink Body Scrub

Did you know that the Natural turnover rate of skin renewal for babies is 2 weeks ( that means their whole skin replaces itself every 14ish days) while as we age it can take upto 90 days depending on your age and genetics. The goal is to help the skin exfoliate itself so we are always covered with fresh soft supple skin that looks healthy and is bouncy to the touch (aka baby-soft).

A great way to do it is with a salt or sugar scrub. Ive tried both sugar & salt scrubs from various beauty brand like Lush, Bath & Body Works, Kiehls etc and they always help exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Especially in the winter season, where the dry air sucks the moisture out of every skin cell, its very important to exfoliate the dry flaky dead layer of skin on top so your moisturizer can work on the layers underneath.

This DIY for Minty Pink Body Scrub is super easy, inexpensive and fast to make and will last you months.

Mix everything and then store it in a glass jar?. Ive made this in bulk and then used it as gifts for my family or just as a hostess gift.

I typically use this in the shower after the body shower, so I only rinse off the scrub with water (as to not use soap after scrub) so the hydration from coconut oil + essential oils stays on the body.


Incase you are not the DIY type, here are some great options to try ( just click on the images below) :