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no.33 Beauty Collection – Trio for Great Skin !

Taking care of your skin in the 30s requires a strategic combination of right products used in the right order. I remember in my teens & 20s, I basically was concerned with acne and all my products involved some sort of acne fighting ingredients. However now that Im in my 30s, I am concerned about those incoming wrinkles, fine lines & discoloration and how to effectively fight those with products with the right ingredients.

no 33 skincare retinol vit c

I was recently introduced to No.33 Beauty and 3 of its most popular products that have gained them major points in the beauty industry because of the high quality, great ingredients all with affordable prices. Here are the products that I used and why I intend to keep using them !

no 33 beauty collection vit c serum Vit C Serum

Im a HUGE fan of Vit C Serums and have been using them regularly in my skincare routine for years now. Their biggest advantage is their ability to fight dark spots or pigmentation in your skin. Dark spots could be the result of past acne, rough exfoliation or sun spots. When you are younger, they fade a lot faster as sin’s natural exfoliation process is amazingly fast, however as we age, these spots can be really stubborn to get rid of. The best thing for getting rid of spots you currently have and to prevent new ones from forming is a regular use of Vit C Serum. No.33 Beauty’s Vit C serum smells tangy and is formulated to seep into your skin without any oiliness or stickiness. I usually use this right after cleansing and follow it with my moisturizer with SPF.


no 33 beauty eye cream


As a big reader of all beauty magazines, I knew that if I wanted to continue having good skin, one thing I really needed to take care of is the Eye Area. The skin around our eye area is super thin and super sensitive and the anti-aging ingredients normally reserved for the rest of our face cant be used around our eyes as the concentrated ingredients can really irritate the skin. So the twice a day use of eye creams have been in my routine since my early 20s. The Day & Night Eyecream by no.33 Beauty is absolutely amazing as its non-oily yet has a very hydrating soothing effect on the eye area. With retinol as their active ingredient, it really provides long term benefits that includes depuffing as well as reduction of dark circles, plus fighting fine lines & wrinkles.


no 33 beauty retinol day and night cream


Retinol is a must have for great skin, especially when you are over 30. Retinol helps you shed off old dry, patchy skin so new fresh, more hydrated skin can take its place. Prescription of Retinol has been given by dermatologists for decades now to combat wrinkles and fine lines, however that strength of Retinol can really irritate skin and cause more damage. This retinol cream by No.33 beauty is balanced to be used by even people with sensitive skin as the skin hydrating ingredients like Jojoba Oil & Honey balance out the more harsher ingredients that exfoliate skin. Within a week of using this cream twice a day can really help you see the difference as skin is more radiant and plump looking.

no 33 skincare retinol vit c