Mother’s Day Ideas in Milwaukee

There’s no ifs and buts about the fact that Moms deserve to be treated for all that they do for us. I can’t recall a single time in my life when I needed my mom and she wasn?t there for me. Be it a simple “Its all going to be ok” kind of call to when you need to be rescued from the side of the road – Moms have a tendency to take care of it all for us. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to say thanks and show her how much you appreciate Mom’s presence in your life.

I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas that would absolutely cheer mom up.

Get Pampered

I only want to spend time with you” is every mom’s favorite phrase. However make it better by spending time doing things both of you will enjoy. There is nothing better than having some girl’s time (or son & mom) time while getting some nail services done together.

Many nail spas offer Mother’s Day specials. They may or may not advertise that online, so if you know a place closeby, be sure to call them to ask about any specials.

My fav nail spot in Milwaukee is the Anthony Vince Nail Spa – they have multiple locations in the milwaukee area and all of them are amazing to treat mom to some fabulous services. She would be wowed by the d?cor, the variety of services and most importantly you both can enjoy a free glass of Mimosas together with any service!

Moms work hard. Treat her to a Spa Day with a Massage and Facial. I love both Neroli and Pfister Spa.

Local Memberships

Who doesn?t want to be a connoisseur of fine art and fabulous events in the city! A perfect gift would be a year-long membership to a Museum that Mom loves. Check out their website for Memberships options. A great one would be a dual membership perhaps that way she would have a plus1 to those events every time something pops up.

My favorite Museum in Milwaukee is the Milwaukee Art Museum. The place is magnificent and they host the loveliest events in the city throughout the year from weekdays to weekends and mornings and evenings alike. Check out their membership packages here.

If your mom is not only young at heart, but keeps herself young by staying active, then ClassPass Membership will surely be loved by her. She can choose amongst dozens of physical activity classes like yoga and Zumba offered locally and try new ways to keep active. Heres some locations in Milwaukee that cater to Classpass!

Digital Membership

Does your mom like movies or music or audiobooks or cooking shows? There’s ALL kinds of Memberships for everything that your Mom could enjoy. Heres a few ideas:

Music: Nothing better than Apple Music. Mom can listen to all the music that her heart desires.

Videos: Who wants ads? All the access to everything Youtube has without the annoying ads : Youtube Premium

Shopping: One word. Amazon. She will stop asking you to pick up that special glue for her project. She can just order it on Amazon and have it delivered the next day.

Audiobooks: Scribd is my fav way to listen to unlimited Audiobooks + Read PDFs of books. Unlimited! There’s nothing better.

Subscription Boxes

Just like digital memberships that caters to every passion, fortunately we live in the world where we there are subscription boxes curated by professionals that would surprise and amaze you every week/month/quarter depending on your choices. Here’s some great ideas:

Makeup: Who doesn?t love trying on new skincare and makeup? There’s plenty of great subscription boxes that offer monthly deluxe size samples of new and established brands for skincare and makeup. Allure Box (by Allure Magazine) or Sephora Play box (by Sephora) are both great!

Perfume: Like makeup, its always good to experiment with different fragrances. Especially with changing seasons, it’s fun to try scents that complement our surroundings.

Scentbird is amazing for the price and selection of scents they have available at their platform. Its $15 per month for 1 new scent that would easily last you a full month.

Cooking: Part of the reason we love our moms are because they cook us the amazing food we always crave. Gift Mom a hand with preptime with Meal Kits that literally have everything included in there from meat and veggies to spices and cheese you’d require. Some great meal kits are:

HelloFresh: They have multiple levels of memberships available depending on how much you prefer to cook. Once or multiple times a week.

PurpleCarrot: for anyone trying to eat healthier, purple carrot gives you variety of options with vegan and vegetarian options. Time to make that Meatless Mondays a thing finally!

Snacks: If your Mom is tired of spending time in the kitchen, but still loves food (like literally all of us) then give her a monthly delivery of snacks that she might not buy for herself.

Graze is literally every sort of snacks you require to graze. From crunchy chips to spicy nuts & chewy sweets. They have the perfect sampler box for every taste.

TrytheWorld is absolutely amazing as the snacks are curated each quarter with a certain world region in mind. Instead of just snacks, the boxes have items like sauces and canned foods that you can test and try in multiple dishes. They dare you to be creative.

Boxed Gifts

The stores and malls are filled with Mother’s Day gifts and its definitely a good time to get those awesome deals on stuff that Mom will cherish forever. Heres just a few ideas.

Wallets: A goodlooking, good quality wallet will last mom a long time, and every time she opens it, she’ll think of you! Here is one I really like!

Scarf: A beautiful silk scarf can be used in 50 different ways from the obvious as part of the outfit to trying it around your bag or even as a belt. Theres nothing better than an Hermes’ Scarf.

Athletic Wear: The quality and the style of athletic wear has come very very far from when your mom was into jazzersize! Treat her to a stylish new outfit that will take her from Yoga classes to Grocery Shopping all the way to her Book Club – looking absolutely fabulous! My pick is anything from fabletics.