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Free Coffee from Dunkin: Its so easy!

My first job in the US was at Dunkin Donuts and since then I have been a huge fan of everything Dunkin – & yes I would always prefer Dunkin Coffee over Starbucks. Their caramel flavored Iced Coffee with some glazed Munchkins has been my go-to anytime pick me up no matter what the weather.

If you are a caffeine fiend like me & also like to save money, then the this Dunkin Deal is for you! Currently all throughout September, Dunkin is giving us FREE Coffee every Monday (with any purchase) when you become a rewards member by downloading their App.

I have been a Dunkin Rewards member ever since their App was released and love checking out weekly and monthly deals that always saves me money and gives me free treats throughout the year.

Below is the Instagram Reel that I created to promote the ‘ FREE COFFEE MONDAYS’ at Dunkin Deal. It does make Sundays feel brighter when you know you are getting free Treats on Monday.

So do yourself a favor & DOWNLOAD the DUNKIN APP