A Pakistani girl in TinselTown.

Fashion & Beauty has been part of my life from the very beginning. From designing my own outfits for Eid at 10 to begging my mom to buy me that first lipstick at 12, Ive been obsessed with everything girly, Artsy and Colorful. Through the years of Travel from the exciting city of Lahore to Sleepy Town in Wisconsin to now Hollywood, I have found my solace in my love for the?Arts.

I want this blog to be a visual diary of my life. Ill show you my travel destinations, through the eyes of my Camera. Ill show?you the mix in my closet – from Prada to $4 tees from Target. Ill show you how the right lipstick can?make or break the whole outfit.

Welcome to the World of this Brown Girl !


What life is, we know not -?What life does, we know well.

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