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Best Perfumes to give as Gifts

Everytime I have been gifted a perfume, it has made me smile. Fragrances make the ultimate gift as they represent something beautiful and classy. As they say scent is linked so deeply with memory that the bond can never be broken. So whenever the receiver…


Girls trip to NYC with ID90

Even though I have been to NewYork multiple times before, but the idea of exploring the unique city with my new blogger friends Samreen and Mehru was beyond exhilarating. Previously I had visited NewYork with family and with my significant other, but the idea of…

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Culottes : Pants with a Flair

The best way to feel during the Summer? Easy-Breezy (& well beautiful too, but that really depends on the temperature we are dealing with right?) As much as I love wearing the sunny cotton dresses during the summer, sometimes I miss the creativity that layering…