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Eastern Therapy on the Go!

Eastern medicine believes the body and mind need to be in balance with its surroundings. Ive been a huge fan of Eastern therapies as they are mostly based on non-invasive techniques and medicine that aims to heal the body from within without the use of outside interventions, especially pharmaceuticals that sometimes do more harm than good. One of these Eastern obsession of mine has been the use of Shiatsu Massage to heal neck and back pain instead of popping advils like candy all day.

Even though the whole ritual of booking an actual massage in a beautiful spa setting is immensely relaxing, sometimes the restrictions of time and money can put you a bit in a bind. Ive found an amazing alternative in the way of this?Naturalico Shiatsu Massager?. Honestly its one of the best massagers out there as its heated and suitable for many different areas of the body.



Since my day job requires me to be affixed infront of a computer 8 hours a day, I do get a stiff neck and shoulder occasionally. the wraparound design is great to be used around the neck and shoulder area and you can adjust your own pressure. However its awesome to be used as a belt around your lower back or even underneath your feet. This has been my go-to for after work. The BEST part is that I can even take it with me in the car, as it can be worked through the car charge. Its super quiet and the heated knotted features are just the right heat and texture and pressure to emulate real life massage therapist.

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