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Ruffles, Lace & Loubies : Lets talk Girlie

Im the girliest girl I know, and Im proud of it. My love for everything ultra feminine has been at the core of my existence from my earliest memory – bows in the hair, ballet slippers and floral dresses has been a part of my identity from the very beginning and it continues. Although now those floral frocks have turned into lace pencil skirts and ballet slippers into sleek Louboutins.

lace skirt with louboutins

I think this is one of my favorite looks as to me it exemplifies what I find sexy and feminine, all in one outfit! I’ve had this FreePeople skirt for a while, that I scored from my favorite Nordstrom Rack in a random trip. The blouse was a recent purchase from TJMaxx (yes im quite a maxinista- if I say so myself) for like $17 !


free people lace skirt

Free People Nordstrom Rack


As I mentioned that I got quite a deal on my outfit here (everything under $50) – so I decided to pair it with some luxury items from my closet ! The Chanel bag and the Louboutins dont make a frequent appearance, but when they do, I sure like to give them their due spotlight.

Chanel bag with Louboutins

Chanel Flap bag

Chanel Flap Bag with Louboutins

Christian Louboutins

For the hair and makeup, I wanted to compliment the whole outfit and keep it sexy and unfussy. So Loose waves and brown smokey eyes with wispy lashes was my go-to !

Brown Smokey Eyes pakistani

Brown Smokey Eyes pakistani


I think this look captured my internal bond girl (you know we all have her) and brought out a sexy confidence that totally made me remember this whole afternoon fondly.

Bond Girl Moment