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Beauty & Fashion Trends to leave behind in 2020

I will start this blogpost by the obvious disclaimer that these are just opinions, MY opinions (that nobody really asked for), but I wanted to share. So here it goes: read it, laugh at it, scowl at it, or ignore it.

Sharpie Eyebrows

Yes I know the thick eyebrows are in style, and Im all for it, but please for the love of God, stop filling them in with pencils, powders and gels that resemble anything like that. The only black anything that should go near your face is mascara, eyeliner & shadow (sparsely). The new way of doing the brows is using the lighest shade of brown that can give you definition without looking like you spent 90 mins on your brows.

Im also sharing my eyebrows from 2014 that yes I used to furiously fill in. I have learned to do it better now though.

Hey something is growing on your face!

I feel I like my eyebrows So much better these days. Keeping the shape + color as close to natural as possible.

Belt Bags

When they said everything old is rebranded as new again, they should have excluded the Fanny Packs. Those came back as Belt Bags are they are a regular eyesore on instagram. From the (formerly coveted) GG bags to leather fanny packs to Wallets on belt, they just look awkward when strapped to the body in a way your 65 year old Aunt would do when taking a trip to Niagara Falls.

Keeps you hands-free – thats about it.

Teeny Tiny Bags

Can I say it? WHAT is the point? You cant even put a single key in them, let alone your chapstick + mints (which should be handy for every girl) Plus remember how it used to be like you look skinnier when carrying a large bag – well sorry ladies its the opposite with barbie bags with human bodies

When you do need to Super-Size it!

Embellished Hair Clips

The super huge pearl embellished hair clips looked awkward on grown women trying to look 6 years old. Where it had the worst effect was when women put it super close to where they parted the hair – ruining both the hair as well as their overall facial symmetry. Now that all the retailers are going to have it on sale, ill buy it for my nieces who are both under 6 years old (more appropriate)

Why divert attention from the eyes to this monstrosity on the head?

Short & Tight

Theres nothing that looks more like “lady of the night” than showing up in a short and tight dress. If you work out 3 hours a day or have a metabolism of a 13 year old that makes you show off your body, theres plenty of ways. A slim fitted midi dress or a super sharp tailored blazer both show off that toned physique, but doesn’t get you catcalls on the street.


Yes I got suckered into the whole ‘lemme-show-my-bod’ as well (this is from 2016) and here is my hall of shame picture below:

But heres some Insta-celebs right now who should rethink their wardrobes:

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A leopard and her cub ?

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Love is in the air ??

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Dad Sneakers

This was a needed vacation from wearing the dreadfully painful heels all the time. However the bigger is better is getting a bit ridiculous as the chunkiness is overpowering the rest of the outfit! I think its time to wear the comfy dad sneakers to your local grocery store & at the gym, but retire them from the general Insta-vibes.

Starting off with my own!

Rainbow Eye Shadow

Im so guilty of this! I have worn crazy eye makeup a LOT during the years and I was working as a Makeup Artist for a while and just wanted to practice on me and showcase my skills. There were surely times when I got too color-happy and tried one too many colors on the eyes. The makeup philosophy I follow and love now is that makeup should be used to enhance the look, not overpower it.

Let me show you my bad makeup moments:

Alright heres some makeup looks that needs to get washed away NOW!

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@b.helagate Using Norvina Mini Vol. 2 #norvinapalette

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Colored Contacts

I know Im gonna get a lot of negative feedback for this! Because a lot of influencers (a lot of them I love) still wear these colored contacts – but honestly that really should be over by now. I especially feel beautiful brown skin gals wearing blue or violet contacts is just plain ODD! I used to wear green and then grey contacts when I was young but Im so glad Im embracing my brown eyes. Heres some shots from the regretful days:

ooh I thought I looked so cool!